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editing banners


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Have been using openX. We are now testing Revive hoping that we can migrate to it instead.

Not sure if this was something that only I was missing from openX. 

With openX after creating a new banner you are taken directly into banner properties. When you are through editing properties and you hit the save button it would take you automatically to the next tab (delivery limitation). Once you completed Delivery limitations, saving would take you to the zones tab and then to the Advanced tab.

With Revive when you create a new banner it is added to the list of banners - displaying on top that the new banner was added. Then you got to click the new banner to edit the banner properties, delivery limitations and zones tabs. When you have filled up the information for a tab and saved it - it does not automatically go to the next tab. In other words a lot more clicks are required to complete an banner.  

Any idea if this can be brought back in revive?


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Hi @Renji,

There's no built in option to allow the UI to work this way, but it's not something that we changed in Revive Adserver since taking over the "OpenX Source" product. So, I can only assume that this is a *really* old version of OpenX Source, and this was actually something that changed in that product many years ago.

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Thanks Andrew - Was out of circulation for a while. Was using openX ver 2.4 till last week and now on Revive. Rather miffed that a good feature from an older version disappeared along the way. Imagine if you were to add a huge batch of 20-30 banners together. From "add new banner" in openX, it took 3 clicks to traffic a basic banner. With revive it takes 6 clicks. In addition to that, with auto-tabbing to the next configuration, you always knew your previous configuration was saved. With Revive you are note sure till you have read the status that says "updated" or "linked" before you hit the next tab.  

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