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Hey, at the begining, sorry for my bad English.

I have a strange problem with AdServer - for some time at the moment to load up ads, it happens that the browser jumps to the previous page (one step back in history).

Codes are embedded using Asynchronous JS tag, and the problem is probably only on Firefox.

I thought it might be a problem with some advertisements, but I shut down all one after the other and the problem still contained. This obviously happens at the moment when advertisements are load - like a script calling the ad resulted click "back".

How to solve it? Any ideas?

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I do, thats why I tried to shut down all advertisment, one after the other when the problem started. But maybe I've missed something.

Ritght now, the most important for me is that problem no longer occures (I still use the same third party tag, but maybe they changed something).

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