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Finished Campaigns Still Generating Impressions

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Hi everyone,


I have a few campaigns (all Remnant) that ended days ago, but are still getting impressions, according to the Statistics. For exampe, one of these campaigns had the finish date set to feb 28.


These are the statistics:


Date - Impressions - Clicks

03/06/2014: 1.077 - 47

03/05/2014: 2.492 - 112
03/04/2014: 2.716 - 126
03/03/2014: 3.080 - 128
03/02/2014: 4.156 - 173
03/01/2014: 329.298 - 1.862
02/28/2014: 1.270.562 - 29.020
Does anyone have a clue why that happens? My guess is cache from the user's browser.
Best regards,
Leonardo Cesario
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