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Website showing instead of banner?


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I'm not sure what to make of this happening. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to call it either. lol

I'll try to explain.

We have revive set up on cybatrons.com for our use only. We're not setting up other user accounts.

We're trying to show ads on cybatrons.com and the other websites we host on our server.

What we're trying to do is bring in monies to help support the free for use services these sites offer.

Now for some reason we sometimes get a piece of the Cybatrons site showing where an add should show.

I'm including a cut out of one of the sites where this is happening to show you what I mean.

Where you see Cybatrons is not a banner. The banner didn't show up.

It's a piece of the website where we have Revive set up, and where all the ads are served from to the other websites.


Did we miss something in the settings somewhere? Is this a glitch?


I won't be freaking if it takes a bit to get back to me. We're all unpaid volunteers for the sites we host too. :)

Thank you for any help with this issue. It's much appreciated. :)


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I think what I'd be trying to do is see if this is in any way repeatable (even if only occasionally), and then try to repeat it with Firefox's Firebug turned on, so you can see what resources are loaded over the network. That may provide a hint as to what's being called, and perhaps something will be more obvious about a call that's being re-directed by your webserver?

I would have a feeling that there's a call to Revive Adserver somewhere that your web server is intercepting, and not allowing, and re-directing to your home page, perhaps?

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I'll poke around and see what I can find out.

I can tell you it is happening on other sites on our VPS. Sites where we have ads showing. So it's not just this site. The only site that isn't having this issue is the cybatrons.com site. Which is where we have Revive set up to service all the sites.

Thanks for the input. :)

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Okay we tried moving the ad server to another site. The site it was on has a .com with a .org parked on top of it. We thought maybe something was going on with it. Maybe the two fighting with each other or something. We edited the necessary files, but the same thing is happening. However, this time it's the new home site it's on showing.

I opened FF debugger, took me a bit to figure out where it was because I've never used it before, and I have no idea what I'm looking at in this thing.

Some things we've learned to do, but some things are still are still beyond our current understanding. We've still got a lot to learn. WHM and CPanel are our friends.

Is there any chance somebody might be willing to take a look at it, or give me an idea of what I'm even looking at with this thing, or which part of it I should be using?


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Just wanted to update everyone. I found out what was going on with this issue. Mod Security was the problem. I set it to just monitor and notify me, but not do anything else, and everything started working as it should. Now the banners are showing. :)

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