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show 4 different banners from a campaign in the same duplicated zone

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Hi, i need to create with a system like the attached image.

I have a network of local information websites (30 websites) and i need to create an electoral campaign system. Since last year i used a php system i created by myself but i'd like to use revive adserver.

Basically i need to create a 2x2 or 2x3 (2 columns 3 rows) grid of 145x145 px banner and serve them into one of the 30 websites.

All banners should came from the same campaign (i.e. electoral 2016) and on every page load i need to show only different banners from that campaign.

if it is possibile, i'd like to use always the same zone and duplicate it (4 or 6 times) inside the html code


  • I have 14 electoral banners active on a website into "campaign may 2016"
  • USER 1 loads home page and i need to show 4 (or 6) different banners from "campaign may 2016" (i.e. banner 1,5,8,9,12,14)
  • USER 2 loads home page and i need to show 4 (or 6) different banners from "campaign may 2016" (i.e. banner 2,5,7,9,10,14)

is it possible creating only a 1 zone for website and 1 campaign?

thank you :)


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