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Multiple advertisers and one website


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Hello all,

I would like to ask you. I need to use revive with the following way:

- I have unknown number of advertisers

- I have unknown number of publishers

- I just want to create a campaign and associate this campaign with a zone.

- I don't want to associate campaign with specific website.

- I just want to have e.g. 5 zones independend of the website

- Any user can take zone's invocation code and put this code on the website.

- For example. If I put invocation code for zone 1 on my website I want to be sure tha this invocation code will show banners for specific country because e.g. 10 users from different countries can put this invocation code on theirs website. 

- I just want to provide e.g. five invocation codes. I just want to imitate google adwords functionality.


Is it possible with revive? 


Thank you very much and sorry fo my english.

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Yes, this is possible, but chances are you will want some additional functionality (e.g. reporting on what has been shown by each person who takes the ads and puts them on their own website, so that they can be paid?) that Revive Adserver won't do.

I would recommend you download Revive Adserver and test it out, to see if it's suitable for your specific needs.

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Thank you for your answer. For example.

I have 100 000 publishers (websites). I have 100 000 advertisers and each advertiser has one campaign. It is not problem to create 100 000 websites but I need to publish all campaigns on all websites. What should I do? Is it possible to share zones across websites? Only one solution I know is to create 100 000 campaigns and than link each campaign to specific zone of specific website. If you know better solution please help me. 


Thank you very much. 

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Looking at your graphic, this is exactly what Revive does!

Looking at your specification (100,000 websites), maybe you want to write a script which can set that up for you. If you do that, then Revive would also take care of all the stats tracking, which presumably you also want...

If you don't care about which site showed which ad, then you should be able to use the same invocation code on every website, but your stats will (obviously) be screwed.

Otherwise, as Andrew pointed out, perhaps you need to modify Revive, (or write a plugin?), to do exactly what you require.

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Thank you for your answer. Please let me know whether following steps are possible. 

- create php script that has only 4 inputs - website url, name, contact, email

- first step of script is to create website

- second step of script is to create 3 zones for specified website url

- third step of script is to link all existing campaigns to previously created zones (3 zones)

It is not problem to create advertisers and campaigns manually. Problem is to link banners and campaigns to websites. If I understand correctly current possible way is to link banners and campaigns only manually. 

What happen if I have for example 80% campaings for UK (United Kingdom) websites, 10% campaigns for DE (Germany) websites and 10% campaigns for RU (Russia) websites. I ask because with my php script all UK campaigns will be also linked to DE and RU websites. Is it problem for Revive ad server or it is correct? 

I think it is easier to link all campaigns to all existing zones and than only set banner display parameters. Please correct me if it is not true because I don't know exactly how Revive ad server works. 

Thank you very much. 


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