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How to set up multiple Revive Ad server with single database

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Hi team,

   I want to have two revive adservers pointing to single database. Load balancer will run on top of these ad servers and IP of load balance will be my end point and images will be stored in shared folder of CDN.

  I installed mysql server in machine A. Installed revive ad server in machine B by connecting to database in the machine A.  When I try to install the revive ad server in the machine C with the same database name, database user and database password, the following error is seen. 

Your database contains an old OpenX configuration table: rv_preferences. If you are trying to upgrade this database, please copy your existing configuration file into the var folder of this install. If you wish to proceed with a fresh installation, please either choose a new Table Prefix or a new Database.

Kindly someone throw some light. Appreciate the help.  

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Finally able to solve the above mentioned scenario. Here is the solution which I followed. Might not be most ideal, but it worked for me. 

After installation of Server on instance A which is connected to Mysql server, deployed the Revive AdServer code into Server root directory. Overwritten the configuration files of revive server code in Server Instance B. Manually resolved conflicts and cluster is working super good now. Both instances are talking to single Mysql server. 


@Ian van : Thank you for responding :)

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