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Badam Santhosh

Unable to render multiple Ads with Single Page Call

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Hi team,

     I am a newbie to Revive AdServer. Thank you for releasing much useful AdServer as open source. Started exploring the revive Adserver. In this path, I got struck at a place where I tried to use invocation tag generated at website level to make 'Single Page Call' to render multiple banners in single html. 

    Campaign is set up with zones and banners. I was able to render each banner using either java script or iframe. But when I tried to use single page call, only the banner associated with 1st zone is getting rendered. I have three zones with ids 1,4,5.  

Below tag is placed in the header section of HTML page.

<!-- Generated by Revive Adserver v3.2.2 -->
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://<domain>/adserver/www/delivery/spcjs.php?id=1'></script>


And <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(1);</script> , <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(4);</script> , <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(5);</script>  are placed in body section of html page. 

I am able to see banner only from zone=1 ( first script tag ). All the zones and banners have similar settings regarding Ads.


Please help me.  Thank you for your support. 


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