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Keyword targeting for contextual Ads.


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I have recently installed the  Revive Adserver v3.2.2. I am new to this ad server. So i was going through the documentation and I came across targeting channels. From what @andrewatfornax said in one his post's that 

Targeting channels are just a way of setting up a pre-defined set of target(s) that you can use over and over when doing delivery targeting for banners. 

But the issue is placing the targeting channel in a dynamic way to inject the right creative into the zone. I want to create a custom parameter named Keyword and then provide this parameter with data which will be processed at the adserver and accordingly the right campaign will be delivered. 

In my implementation of the invocation code i am calling dynamically injecting the <ins> tag into a <div> container. 


var adContainer = document.createElement('ins');
 adContainer.setAttribute('data-revive-zoneid', "1");
 adContainer.setAttribute('data-revive-id', '78d8013dd43c22bb79b16f9897107244');
 //placementContainer is the container in which the <ins> tag gets Injected into
 var placementContainer = this.getElement_(containerId);

My question is that can i create a targeting channel on the adServer with configuration as a site variable(variable = keyword, value=will be custom set) and create an attribute in the ins tag such as 

adContainer.setAttribute('data-revive-keyword', someVariable);
//someVariable is a variable that holds dynamically fetched keywords. 

, Will it render an ad linked to some variable value that i have linked in the targeting zone? 

If not how do i go about with keyword targeting on revive? Are there custom plugins that can configure campaigns to only be rendered if some keyword is mentioned?

Please help.

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