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Oldtimer Here - Questions On Uploading Database


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Man, am I happy to have found Revive! I'm an oldtime user of phpads - before they were new :P  Then phpads_new in 2002, and then Openads. I only got up to Openads v2.4.3 before I let the window of upgrading slip by and I couldn't upgrade to openX. I'm on a very secure server, so I haven't worried about malicious attacks on the script too much (it's always welling in the back of my head though)  - but I'm in the process of moving to another server, and the thought of having vulnerable scripts doesn't sit well with me. I eschewed the thought of having to re-create several hundred campaigns etc., with some clunky unfamiliar product - and yet lo and behold, the original authors of this wonderful program have continued their fabulous work. I found this site today! Kudos for them - I've sworn by this product for about 14 years now, and I'm a very happy camper.


Now for my question. Is there any way that I can use my Openads database with the latest version of Revive? I'm not sure how to attempt this. I tried changing the db name and user name in the config file, but that didn't work at all. Is there an install or upgrade script that I can run that could work? Please let me know. Thanks!



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