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Move Revive from a server to dedicated one

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Hello. On 1 november 2015 i started to use revive adserver to serve advertising over my website network. I think revive is a really great adserver but i have a little problem.

I have two servers

A - dedicated server
B - cloud server

Revive is installed on the A server (dedicated one) and serves websites from both server A and B. I have a lot of traffic on websites and this causes sometimes server A to slow down. (All websites uses different installation of the same CMS).

I'd like to buy a C vps (or cloud) server (i'd like to pay about 3-4 €/month) and use it only to install revive and serve some css and images files used by CMS.

I have some questions about this:

  1. could this be a solution?
  2. how can i migrate all advertiser, campaign, zones, banner and banner images into new server without lose data or alter stats?
  3. do you have any link about server plans? i'd like to have an italian or at least en european provider.

thank you :)

PS i have this installation:
some banners are placed in: http://adv.domain.com/revive/www/images/
other banners (skin banner) are manually uploaded into http://adv.domain.com/man/ and created using "Generic HTML banner"

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