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Install Won't Start


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I have exactly the same issue. Update from 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2 fails. Using php 5.3, mysql 5.5 and apache 2.2 on centos 6.6

I took a slightly different approach than suggested in the upgrade docs:

  1. DB backup
  2. Unzipped 322-archive. Old path .../revive -- new path .../revive_new
  3. Copied configuration files to revive_new
  4. renamed/replaced revive-directories: .../revive -> .../revive_old, .../revive_new -> .../revive
  5. restarted apache

Calling Admin-Page in Browser redirects to .../revive/www/admin/install.php with same content as in Dredds link (see above)

Any clues?


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I can't tell if the lack of response here is because there is something obvious that I'm not seeing or because the debug info is cryptic?  I'm pretty sure this server meets all the necessary requirements and I'm attempting to install new to a new database.  I had an existing install but I'm just trying to take the most simplistic approach.  http://midwestboatparty.com/info.php

Any direction at all from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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This is trying to install 3.2.2.  New install.  New database.  I created the database, gave the config file the db credentials and pointed it at my Images folder.  Then navigated to the new dir and the install doesn't start.  If I can provide more details or anything please just let me know.  Thanks.

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I started fresh using these instructions and the wizard kicked off and ran fine:

Previously the upgrade instructions had given me the impression that I needed to modify my configuration file before starting the wizard.  I think that was causing the issue for me.

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