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Plugins will not install


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Hi all,

I am planning to update a client's old OpenX server to Revive, and am currently testing the update in a test environment first.

The update went more-or-less smoothly, but I find that the plugin installation failed. When I go to manually install the plugins from /etc/plugins, they too fail to install.

Below is the message I get. The path has parts of it duplicated, and there's no "/" after "/var/tmp". Plus, when I look at that zip file (and the extracted files), the XML file in question is not in the root. Rather it's in /plugins/etc. So the XML file is getting extracted to /var/tmp/plugins/etc/.

What's going on? Is this a problem with the plugins bundled with the product, or with the code that imports the product?

How do I fix it? My client's OpenX install is broken (no stats), and I can't get it upgraded if none of the default plugins work.


Failed to find package definition file /home/tamoriel/public_html/dev/ea/ads_new/home/tamoriel/public_html/dev/ea/ads_new/var/tmpopenXVideoAds.xml.xml 
Failed to parse the plugin definition openXVideoAds.xml 
The uploaded file did not pass security check 
The uploaded file openXVideoAds.zip was not unpacked

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