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Using Revive with Booking.com

Richard Foley

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I need to use Revive with Booking.com. I've seen the excellent "using adsense with revive" article from Erik, here: http://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/using-google-adsense-with-revive-adserver/ but (obviously) this only supports a specific set of "known" third party ad servers. At the current time, Booking.com appears to be not supported. Does anyone know if Booking.com *will* be supported any time soon? Or, (if booking.com support is not so complicated), have suggestions for how to support it?

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

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That's right, Ian. Where the invocation code from booking looks something like this:

 <ins class="bookingaff" data-aid="428279" data-target_aid="425828" data-prod="banner" data-width="468" data-height="60" data-banner_id="13866">
    <a href="//www.booking.com?aid=425828">Booking.com</a>
<script type="text/javascript">

  // some javascript stuff



Hi Richard,

Do they provide you with an invocation code, and you'd want to do click tracking ?


Cheers, Ian

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Thanks for that tip, Ian. That got me a lot closer. I have inserted that into the banner invocation code, and used both Generic and Revive server types:

 <a href="{clickurl}//www.booking.com?aid=885828">Booking.com</a>

and set Invocation Defaults to be Generic (or Revive) under the Banner Delivery Settings page.  

Neither Generic nor Revive server types seem to trigger the invocation code to do anything but replace {clickurl} with a blank string.

This feels very close, but I'm probably still doing something simple (wrong)... :\

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