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Failed to upload HTML5 Ad Banner

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Hi, I have problems to upload HTML5 Ad Banner.

I have the html file, one css file and also assets folder that’s contains pictures and animation. I have copy and pasted the HTML code into a Generic HTML Banner. I only copy the HTML code and then generated the invocation code to paste in the website. Then the HTML5 banner does not display. It is because the remaining files, assets folder and css file does not upload onto the Revive ad server. Is there other ways to upload the remaining files in Revive?

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Hi @clickscomplace,

Unfortunately, you'll have to upload the remaining assets manually - or, you'll have to set up a content server to host everything else that is needed by your HTML5 banners.

At the present time, Revive Adserver doesn't have support for uploading an HTML5 banner "package" that contains everything, although it's an obvious feature that it would be great to get into the product sometime soon.

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