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Massive list of errors when installing

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When installing on SLES12 running apache2 with php5 and MySQL DB on a separate machine I get massive  list of error after the screen where I fill the DB parameters.

It starts with:

MESSAGE: Only variables should be assigned by reference
TYPE: Strict
FILE: /srv/adserver/lib/pear/MDB2/Driver/Datatype/Common.php
LINE: 1101

1096	* a DBMS specific format.
1097	* @access public
1098	*/
1099	function quote($value, $type = null, $quote = true, $escape_wildcards = false)
1100	{
1101 $db =& $this->getDBInstance();

1102	if (PEAR::isError($db)) {
1103	return $db;
1104	}
1106	if (is_null($value)

and continues with loads of "Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically"

How can I fix this?


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