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Urgent Help - Install/upgrad "webpage Has A Redirect Loop"?


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Hi all - need some urgent help here.


1 - backed up all the files from the running ad server

2 - unzipped the files into 'newads' directory

3 - because the original is running in a subdomain, (ads.xxxxxxxx.com), created a new subdomain (newads....)

4 - copy database with phpmyadmin

5 - assign same user to DB with full permissions

6 - edit conf file (renamed for the new path/subdomain) and edited not only the DB, but all the paths)


when i try to go to the subdomain it shows the path <mydomain>/www/admin/install.php


and the browser errors out with:

This webpage has a redirect loop.


I have new campaigns starting saturday, and I need to update this ASAP!


Thanks for your attention.

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Ok, I got past that - forgot to edit the .htaccess file...


but now i have this:

  • application
    1. - Openads configuration file detected
    2. - Could not connect to the database : cigarz_newads
    NOT OK  
and I copied the config file.
I also added the same DB user.
So there should not be an access problem??
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