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Enable deflate for html5 banners


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Hello everyone.

We got the problem with site speed optimization. We have Revive installed on subdomain (ox.example.com). And when I start to check the site speed with PageSpeed Insights for the main domain example.com (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/), it complaine on Revive banners - say that they are requesting without web-server deflate or gzipping. We use the Html5boilerplate .htaccess parts of config for defalation and gzip. And it works fine for the main domain (example.com). When I put this settings to different .htaccess files in Revive (on ox.example.com), I get this issue: the webinterface of Revive itself use deflate (I check it with browser console in headers), but html banners are requesting on the main domain (example.com) without it. 

Anyone have solved such a problem? I could send the PageSpeed Insights in direct massages, to show the problem.

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