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Async code do not works for my site


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Hi, i use this code to render my ads from multiple banners linked to a zone:

<script type="text/javascript" src='//www.MYSITE.com/rv-ads/www/delivery/spcjs.php?id=1&amp;block=1'></script>
                    <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(1);</script>

And It works as expected, but when i change it to async:

<ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="..id_numbers.."></ins>
<script async src="//www.MYSITE.com/web/rv-ads/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>

The banners disappear, i can't understand what's wrong.

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hi Luna, I was looking at the source from your page http://www.onlinecasinoselite.com/test2.php and I don't know if this has anything to do with your issue, but your paths are different between the two revive calls:



Note the "/rv-ads/... and /web/rv-ads/...

This may not be the problem, but it might be something to look into?



Sure, both codes here: http://goo.gl/e1bvIk

Having said that, now asyncjs.php is not working for me either, thankfully there are 2 other methods to get the ads: SPC + JS :\

Edited by Richard Foley
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hi Luna,

I've just tried setting a local test up myself using different revive calls. You can see this test here, where you should see three (3) ads, (where1=spc, 2=async, 3=js). Interestingly, all 3 calls work just fine there, (when the file resides on the revive server host). However, the async (middle) call does NOT work when I copy and paste the identical file onto my LOCAL system.

Therefore, I suspect *something* in the handling of the network handshake/exchange. Remember I had a similar problem when my DNS was invalid and didn't pick up the server destination correctly. It's *possible* something like this is hitting both of us in a similar way here. I notice that the working file has an iframe loaded where the successful async calls from, and the non-working local version receives nothing.

This is strange because this is loading the identical html file, placed in two different locations, (local=fails and remote=works), but called from the same local place, and getting a different result :)  To put this another way, it's as if Revive is saying: "I'll deliver you an ad asynchronously, but only if you are on the same server as me." This is clearly unlikely for affiliate websites. If it's an apache issue (for instance), you'd expect no ads to be delivered. 

I'm sure someone with a grip on the Revive asyncjs.php code itself has a better idea of what is going on here...

Edited by Richard Foley
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I found (my) problem .. the test file (http://goo.gl/e1bvIk) works fine now.

My mistake, apologies to programmers.

In the /rv-ads/www/delivery/ folder, i added this line of code: MAX_header( 'X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow', true); to some of the files there, in order to exclude the robots.txt and return ads with header checker 'noindex, nofollow'. The error was to add such code into asyncjs.php, which was useless and was the cause of the error.

I can now exclude the robots restriction. If i check the header of the ads url/path, it returns: X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow.

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