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It would be great to have http://mobiledetect.net/ integrated with Revive-Adserver.

I have to hand-code a very basic way to show narrower banners in mobile than in desktop. I reckon that the huge majority of Revive users would be happy to see such feature. Even as a paid plugin.

We could have several banner sizes per zone to cater for all screen sizes, Retina for iOS, etc.

Thank you!

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but if as paid plugin it can't cost several hundred bucks or even thousand as those plugins usually cost for Revive

Well, that's one of those things, isn't it?

Creating an all new plugin for Revive Adserver to handle a new way of detecting browsers etc. might take someone who knows what they are doing a month or so of effort? Unfortunately, we don't have any corporate sponsors who want to pay myself (or the other core team members who donate their time) to work full time on Revive Adserver, so, either we might chip away at this problem over the course of a year or two and get it done, and then everyone can have it for free, or, someone either needs to sponsor that specific feature on a commercial basis to be built as open source, or, someone has to take a chance, put in the time and build it, but then try to sell it for enough money to cover their costs. We all, unfortunately, need to make a living somehow!

That's why there are commercial plugins for Revive that do cost hundred, or thousands...

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