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cookie too large (OAVARS)


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I want to limit the number of OAVARS[] being added to a user's cookie.  every page refresh adds a new one.  What is the best way to prevent this or set a limit?  Either prevent it or limit the number (e.g. check during the Max_AddCookie() function)

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btw: as noted to other users have a similar problem - it eventually (after several page refreshes) - maxes out the cookie size - which then leads to failure.

Am using avw.php; although there are other methods; isn't there a way (or has someone already done this) modified the Max_cookieAdd() to check the number already there and remove one of the first ones first; then adding the new one?

For me; there never should be "site broken" - just because someone hit F5 too many times on a page that renders a single Ad. (not using any capping)

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