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Probability Shown 5% Even With One Campaign And One Banner


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I am Testing revive ad server for the first time

I have used Contract Campaign

I have One Campaign Running and six banner activated


every Banner have default weight 1.


I have one website and one zone  and I used Invocation code of that zone allowing custom 300 * 50 size banner. Invocation code is JavaScript 

I have attached these 6 banners to above campaign


Even with Unlimited Impressions The Probability id Divided from 5%. i.e. for 4 banners Probability is 1.25 %

but it should be 25% each. why this behavior occurring  


Problem is that the probability is shown only 5% for that single banner and if I add more banners it is divided from that 5%. because of this ad is displayed few times only even when I refresh continuously. 

I expect that this ad should have 100% probability and should be displayed every time when I visit site.

Is there any configuration of campaign or banner I have set wrong. 

Thanks In Advance !!

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yes its contract type of campaign, I am testing with Banner display on revive


Limit campaign views to and Impressions per day and per session:2147483647


2147483647 Impressions allowed (which is max limit I think)


and CPM model. 

I didn't set anything else in that campaign, 

It displays ad but not everytime

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I'm experiencing the same issue when there's at least two campaigns in a zone, one contract and one remnant campaign. The remnant campaign takes up 95 % probability while the contract campaign stays at 5 %.


From my understanding I thought remnants are there to hop in as a fallback when all other contract campaigns in that zone have reached their limits or simply have expired.


Is the behaviour I'm experiencing expected?

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On 4/8/2014 at 5:07 PM, maryisdead said:

From my understanding I thought remnants are there to hop in as a fallback when all other contract campaigns in that zone have reached their limits or simply have expired.


Correct - also, remnant campaigns are there so that every possible impression has something delivered and logged, because Revive Adserver doesn't log "blank" impressions.

EDIT: Revive Adserver now DOES count blank impressions, so this will have improved things as well!

Sometimes, Revive Adserver can take a while (e.g. a couple of weeks) to learn how much inventory you have; but if you have wildly changing inventory, it may not do a great job (i.e. predicting the future is hard). So, it does its best, but it won't ever be perfect.

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I'm experiencing similar issue after switching to Revive (from OpenX).

Reading all what've been written about this issue here or on GitHub, I'm beginning to think Revive hasn't learnt still how to manage impressions daily.


My problem is undelivering impressions when campaign is set as a 'Contract'.

There are enough impressions daily for all campaigns to be delivered - I've already checked it, setting campaigns as 'Remnant'.


Maybe some of You know if:

1. this is a matter of time for Revive to learn how to manage impressions

2. this is some other issue


If yes, please inform me, as I have to manage all of my campaigns manually :angry:

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I've had the same issue at start with OpenX Source, it took some time (several weeks) before OpenX started predicting inventory correctly. By then, I used to play "tricks" on the system by increasing number of impreesions so it delivers more. You can try that, nothing to lose there

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I found out what was causing this issue in our system.  


It seems that probability is a function of both the weighting on the campaign and the weighting on the banner.  I was originally only looking at banner weights which is why I was confused.


Hopefully this is helpful to someone!

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I am experiencing this issue as well. No matter how many changes I make to the campaign/remnant settings, I can't seem to change that remnant ads have a 95% probability, and contract ads have a 5% probability. Even if only one ad type of each is scheduled for a zone, the remnant always wins.


I was hopeful that erygh's comment above would apply to my situation, but no amount of adjusting campaign weights or banner weights seem to change this.


My specifics: I have a website with 3 defined zones, and since the server update, remnant ads have received top priority over contract ads. To get non-remnant ads to appear, we've had to run them all as "contract (exclusive)," which I believe is now called "override." This is problematic, as it does not allow for the counting of impressions, and scheduling/unscheduling must be done manually.


There is a very good chance that what I'm experiencing is due to my own error, but I feel like I've tried just about everything on the ad server side of it. The GIF below shows our linked zones page during this tinkering process. The contract campaign I'm trying to fix has 5,000 impressions scheduled for a one-week period. It's set to use a CPM price model, but no rate is currently set. I understand that leaving that space blank may be responsible for confusing the server, but I've even tried filling in some amounts there, to no avail. Any insight or ideas are greatly appreciated!




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I am having similiar issues am trying to track it down.  It seems that weights in campaigns are effective but weights to indivdual banner are not being calculated into probability currently and I am fairly confident that they were in earlier versions.  I have been using OpenX open source for at least 5 years, though in relatively simple way,  Always remenant.  I was also under the impression that probabilities and weighting were a simple function of weight value of 1 banner over  total weighting values.  So if had Advertiser A with a single campaign (weighted 2) and a single banner for that campaign (weighted 2) and Advertiser B with a single campaign (weighted 1) and a single banner for that campaign (weighted 1) there would a be total weighting of 5, which banner from Advertiser A  would be weighted 4, which should translate to 80% probability (assuming both remnant in single zone). 


I have about 10 advertisers, each remnant,  each with a single active campaign with 2 or 3 different sized banners, each banner linked to a single zone.  I was try various combinations of weighting per campaign and weighting per banner.  It seems while the combine weighting (banner * campaign) is being calculated, it is NOT being translated into correct probability, as shown in image below.  The first advertiser has campaign weight of 2 and a banner weight of 3, for a total weight of 6.   The second advertiser has a campaign weight of 1 and a banner weight of 1 for a total of 1.  Yet the probabilities are just 2:1 ratio. 


Am I misunderstanding how weighting works?





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