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Delivery limitation not working

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I did configure a delivery limitation on one of my campaign and it doesn't seems to work. 

I changed the configuration at the campaign level as well as the banner level to the following settings:

Delivery capping per visitor:

Limit campaign views to 1 total
Limit campaign views to 1 per session
Reset view counters after 1 hours

I reset the cache in revive as well as the website server cache. But it still display the ads more then once.

I've been refreshing the website for 1+ hour and I get the ads displayed every single time I refresh.


Am I missing something here? Is there some hidden tricks to make that work?

EDIT: typo and more detail.


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It's a Generic HTML banner.

Banner code is :

<script language="javascript1.1" src="http://url_to_my_script.js"></script>

Which basically is script tags calling a javascript.  My cookies are enabled. I can see the cookie just fine.

I've been playing around with the settings alot to try many different combination but still no luck.


The campaign setting are currently the following:

Campaign type: Override

Unlimited impression

Delivery capping per sisitor:

Limit campaign view to: 0 in total

Limit campaign view to: 0 per person

Reset view counters after  -  hours ,  - minutes,  - seconds

Cookies (Show capped ads if cookies are disabled)  checkbox is checked.


On the banner lever, the setting are currently the following:

Delivery capping per visitor:

Limit banner views to: 1 in total

Limit banner views to: - per session

Reset view counter after: - hours,  1 minutes, 0 seconds

When I refresh the page I see the ads (Which is a custom video overlay) on average, once every 15 minutes. Which is the best I could get. Without delivery capping it display every single refresh. Which whatever elivery capping I set, it seems to be quite random but the current settings give the ads every ~15 minutes.


All the plugins installer on the server are all from Revive and are all up to date.  I really don't know why it refuse to work.


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Is Revive Adserver tracking impressions on the banner?

I am just wondering if it the banner type is interfering with Revive Adserver, and it's failing to record the fact the impression has happened, which is why it's not capping delivery.

Could you set up a plan HTML page with just a single zone on it, and that zone just containing the capped banner?

That would let us see the banner being delivered, and inspect what cookies are being set etc. 

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Here is the setup.  Basic html > head > body  nothing but the invocation code in the body for that specific ads.

Same campaign, same banner. 

I did set the capping to 2 total and reset every 5 minutes

I cleared all my cookies related to our ads server and ran the page.  

After 30 refresh in about 10 minutes span, I received the ads every single time. The 2 impression total was totaly ignored.


Here are the cookie that were generated after the first impression:

Name: OAGEO 
Content : CA%7CQC%7CBoisbriand%7C%7C45.61%7C-73.84%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C
Expires: When the browsing session ends

Name: OAID 
Content: fa6c2dbae0cf4e2a83df4b0184bc9a7c
Expires: Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016

Name: _OABLOCK[4053]
Expires: Thursday, November 19, 2015

Name: _OACAP[4053]
Content: 1
Expires:  Wednesday, October 19, 2016



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Further more... 

After many days of of unsuccessful test and trial to obtain the result I was looking for, I decided to download and setup a fresh empty installation of the adsserver on a local environment. My production setup have hundreds of different advertiser and so far all the campaign we ran were regular contract campaign with X number of impression in a given time frame. We have been running these campaign just fine for many years. Just recently we had a campaign requiring a capping per visitor. I was thinking that maybe because we have alot of different campaign running, it might be the problem.

So, even with a fresh install of Revive Adserver it's still not processing the cap per visitor.  

I setup 2 different campaign, one remnant and one contracted. I put a cap of 2 total impression on the contract one and a reset every 5 minutes. And yet I can still get the contracted impression non stop every time I refresh the page. No matter t he settings I put in the capping per visitor just doesn't work.

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