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new install ends after database step


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I have never used revive before. I downloaded 3.2.1 and followed the steps at http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/installation/. At first I couldn't get past the welcome screen. Debugging the wizard I found that in the database step it did not recognize that the "welcome" step was marked as completed, even though it ran markStepAsCompleted for the welcome step. I just hard-coded the check to return true and moved on.

After entering the database information, it reported that I don't need to upgrade because everything is up to date, and exited out of the installation wizard. Now it tries to authenticate before I can do anything, but I have no user. I suppose I can create one in the database manually, but that doesn't seem right. And there are apparently a bunch of steps I still need to do.

I thought maybe I downloaded an upgrade-only package or something, but I looked back again at the download site and don't see anything like that.

Edit: actually, I see a file called UPGRADE insideinside /var. I deleted it but then I just get a redirect loop. Renaming it INSTALL didn't do anything. I'm stuck.

Any advice?

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Well, 3.2.2 just came out. I started fresh with it and it just worked. I don't know what happened there. My host has been upgrading php over the last few weeks on different sites on a rolling basis. Maybe I had php 5.4 a few days ago - now it is php 5.6.

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