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Html5 Swiffy Banner In Iframe: How To Make Responsive


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HTML5 banners generated using Google Swiffy can't be put into HTML banner field in Revive, the Javascript conflicts, one has to serve them via an iframe. I want the banner to be responsive. 


There are a lot of variables in play: in the footer of the generated HTML5 file it has this in style tags:


html, body width: 100%; height: 100%


and it generates this in a div tag:


id = swiffycontainer style="width: 728px; height: 90px"


the iframe code i insert would normally be something like this (brackets removed so it won't render in this posting)


height="90" frameborder="0" margin="0" padding="0" 


but i do not get responsive sizing. I also get some unwanted padding from the HTML file in the banner module. should changes be made to swiffy HTML file, to the iframe code i put into Revive, both? I've tried quite a few options and haven't gotten it right. 


Delighted to pay for assistance from a developer this is a commercial project. We do not want to serve Flash banners, HTML5 is the answer but i'm missing a few pieces of this puzzle. 





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