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Problem With Upgrading From Openx 2.8.11 To Revive 3.0.0/revive 3.0.1


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Hi zalinth,


what issue you have faced while following upgrade steps to Revive Adserver 3.0.1


Same thing once you do step 2 on performing the upgrade and point your web broswer to the directory of the new revive 3.0.1. It does not ask you to supply the admin from your old install. It just keeps trying to install a fresh copy of revive 3.0.1.


I did try and contune on and after the install no stats or current advertisers. When I looked into the database I just created it added more tables and all the prefixes are rv_ not ox_

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After upgrade Openx 2.8.11 To Revive v3.0.2 I have problem to open zones page. When I click to link "Zones" pages goes blank. When i click on some zones inside Banners page then redirect me to other page with info box (You don't have access to that page). When i try create new user and click to link permission I see only description abaout created user.

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