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Help With Configuration, Invocation Codes


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Hi, so I installed Revive Adserver on our hosting account (Linux, from the website all server settings meet with requirements). Did the initial web install/set up, created a new Advertiser, Campaign, added in 3 banners, Website and Zone. However, I get a blank area any time I try to get the Invocation Code, either through Zones or Website. I've tried making sense of some of the different posts on here, but I still don't get it.


What we're trying to do with this software is, on our website, set up one banner area that will display one of X amount of banners, all self-promotional at this point, that links to different sections on our website. And the banners would randomly switch out based upon the page being reloaded/viewed. That's all we need.


To make this happen, what do I need to do to make it work? Assume that I've done nothing aside from what I mentioned above (cause that's all I have done). Have not loaded any plug-ins, have not done any other configuration beyond what I did above. And I can't seem to find any kind of definitive "Here's what you need to do to set this up" documentation. Searched for hours trying to make sense of the various little snippets of information out there, and I can't keep spinning my wheels on this. I need to make it work, or move on to something else. Help!

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