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Are there any ability to use html5 banners converted in Google Swiffy?


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You might know that new version of Google Chrome blocks flash-content. So we decided to convert them to html5. We choosed Google Swiffy to make this. But any attempts to do so failed. We tried different options in html5-settings of banners in Revive. And there were messages about the illegal tokens in console and no banner at all (the banners code were in the page source).

So, are there any ability to use html5 banners converted in Google Swiffy? Maybe we should use another tool, not Swiffy, for this transformation?

I've found only one topic here about this problem (seems that they had the same problem) but without any solution. http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/300-html5-swiffy-banner-in-iframe-how-to-make-responsive/

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Hi renta,

It's not something that's really supported out of the box yet, but it's certainly something we're aware of. We have been wondering if we need to add in support for one or more of the tools that help people create HTML5 banners, now that Flash appears to be dying.

It's certainly on our radar - but unfortunately, I don't have much to offer you right at the moment.

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