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Iab Rising Stars Ad Formats Plugins


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We have a need to use the new Rising Stars format ads and we found a plugin from openxmods.com




We cannot find any reviews or if anyone has had any experience with this plugin or this company or if it even works with revive 3.0.2



Has anyone had any experience with openxmods.com or this particular plugin any feedback would be wonderful.


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Hello, We did recently buy from the site some plugins/modules to allow us to use Revive 3.0.5 target by device and also by ISP.  


So far the ISP targeting is not working though they are promising to address it.  


We are unsure about device targeting since we will need to accumulate some data for confirm.


I have to say communication is a bit sparse from the company, but we only made the purchase about 6 days ago, so it's hard to pass judgment on whether they stand behind their products.  We are also interested in possibly purchasing the Rising Stars units plugins, so let us know how that goes!

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Just a followup to report that Openxmods did follow through and get our device and ISP targeting to work.  


It ended up taking about a week, which is a day longer than promised, but some of that may be due to having to communicate across the 12.5-hour time difference.  We have done some testing and both types of targeting limitations appear to working correctly.


Now we have a degree of confidence in buying their Rising Stars modules, and possibly other products.

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Good to hear that it's not a shell company, pretty questionable with no reviews or tech support page.


Still waiting it out for the time being, our company is not looking to tie into a marketplace for video backfill. Not sure if revive even supports that with out custom work.

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May be a good idea to wait a while.  


OpenXmods aka DreamAjax did send me the basic Rising Stars module and did perform part of the customization they agreed to provide because the basic modules don't have the degree of control required to be useful for our advertisers.


However, for the past month we've seen no progress toward completing the customization and the company hasn't responded to our inquiries.  So it may be on hiatus for now.  

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