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Adding Impressions & Clicks Directly From Php Code


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We're developing a tube site that serves videos to users at a price. The site will display screenshots for free users and videos for users who paid for them. The system is almost done and we'd like to use Revive adserver to assign +1 to impressions every time a video/screenshots page is open and +1 to clicks every time user pays for a video. Since impressions and clicks in Revive are counted banners and similar that are loaded from the adserver, we have no way of doing it like that.


So my question is: is there a way to make calls from our site's PHP that are basally tellng the adserver "add +1 impression for XY campain" or "add +1 click to YX campain"?


Thank you for your time!

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Impressions would not have to be tracked through PHP, we'll just put a banner on the site and hide the element it is in.

The problem is when user buys a video. That is realized with jQuery and Ajax. That's why we can't have clicks on banners themselves but some way of telling revive that purchase (click) was done. So it goes outside ad management because it's not an advertisement but the principle is the same.


Thank you for this, I guess it can't be done the easy way. :)

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