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Hi all,


Since im a newbie with an adserver I have few things that I would like to ask/discuss:


1.    I installed it on my server with no problems but when I try to access some admin *.php files (like statistics or banner) I get an internal server error. This only happens to a few files/links. Ive checked my file/folder permissions and they seem to be ok. I will check my apache loggings too. But at this point does anyone know what the issue is as it only seem to be affecting a few files?


2.    Currently there is an admin, an advertiser and publisher. I have a quite simple setup: basically and 1. admin which will create websites and zones and 2. An advertiser which will upload banners/videos. At this point I don’t see how an advertiser can login and start adding his advertisement. Is this possible?


3.    I will start of with 2 sites: 1. A digital newspaper site and 2. A video site using flowplayer html5 version. I don’t this this is the right place to ask but I’ll do it anyway J: anyone know how to support vast with flowplayer5 without using the DFP plugin?


4.    Does revive support VAST 2.0 ?



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I think I've seen the problem in "1." when a client was using su-php. The error log will surely tell you more about the errors.


2. no it's not possible (yet?). Only the admin/manager can do that


3. I believe flowplayer still supports VAST1 within their own paid plugin (can't remember the name)


4. No. A commercial plugin for VAST2 support is available from adserverplugins.com

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