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Delivery Limitations Not Working


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Hi all,


I have a number of banners running on my site. Last night I added some delivery limitations so that a few of the banners won't appear in a couple of other sections in the site.


For example, I have 3 rules set up on affected banners:


Site Page URL does not contain  "www.{sitename}.co.uk/buy/"


Site Page URL does not contain  "www.{sitename}.co.uk/news/"


Site Page URL does not contain  "www.{sitename}.co.uk/wheretobuy/"




However, it doesn't appear to be working as the banners are still showing in those sections.


Have I configured it correctly or is something amiss ?




(using latest version and was a fresh install in Jan)

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Hi Matteo,


We are using javascript, although I don't know if this is significant, the developers have not added any code to insert a random number : 


{domain}/revive-adserver/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=1&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&n=a3c0bc08' border='0' alt='' /




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Our client has sent us a tag for a pre-roll.  It checks out fine.


The problem is that we need to serve this pre-roll to a number of sites.  So we entered the tag into a new campaign on our Revive server.  But so far we have not been able to use the format suggested by one of the forum users to generate a VAST tag that works on the VAST Ad Tester.


Can someone give me an example of a VAST tag that we can generate for the Revive ad server?



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