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Failed Opening Required 'adserver/lib/ox/m2M/xmlrpcexecutor.php'

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Just upgraded to Revive Adserver 3.0.1 and now I'm getting this PHP fatal error when accessing certain areas of the admin interface.

I've checked and the M2M folder existed on the old installation but not in the new. It seems to be related to the OX Marketplace plugin.

The install.log said it couldn't find the XML files for each plugin, however the interface shows they are all installed.

What do I do?



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Hi Jamie,


OpenX market plugin was closed by openx company.


Please Refer once -  http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/7-upgrading-to-30-where-are-the-plugin-downloads-at/


Also you can try to reinstall the plugins


So basically I need to uninstall the plugins. Which is fine, except I can't access anywhere now without that PHP fatal coming up.

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I managed to sort this out by temporarily removing the oxMarket folder from www/admin/plugins and using the plugin maintenance screen to uninstall oxMarket and openXWorkflow.


I probably could have edited the config file manually to make them disabled, not sure if I would have been able to remove them though.


How/where can I check/update the plugins to their latest version?


Should I remove the config entries for OpenX Market / openXWorkflow and the files still in www/admin/plugins?

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A complete and correctly executed upgrade to Revive Adserver v3 would have removed these two plugins automatically. Have you seen these instructions?



Yep, that's what I followed to do the upgrade. During the upgrade it went through all of the old plugins including OXMarket and installed/enabled them. I guess it shouldn't do that?

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