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Newbie: First Time Install Of Revive And No Plugins?


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I've done a fresh install of revive adserver 3.0.2 and I couldn't figure how to target advertisers by session time, number of visits, geoip or device. I checked the plugins page and nothing is installed, how do I go about installing plugins on revive media?



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I am not sure what you mean by "session time, number of visits, device" . Our revive have lot of targeting under "banner-editing page --> Delivery limitation section" .


If you couldn't see that any limitation on that section then that should be some problem in plugin section. Check that plugin under plugin tab, if that plugin not installed then you need to manually install from that page.

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Hi I have also just upgraded from Openx 2.8.4 to Revive 3.0.2 and the plugins page is showing them all as disabled.


There was the "one or more plugins not located during the upgrade"


So I went and renamed the folder to be the live version and logged in ok, went to check the plugins page..




Where can I download these plugins?

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I found another post stating that they are located in the etc/plugins folder as zip files, there are a few missing from the list.





I'm not sure if this is stopping my banners being served.. but I dont see any on the websites that have the invocation code.. any ideas?

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