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Links within forum-posts

Andreas Dunstheimer

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I noticed several times, that links within posts of this forum don't really link to the mentioned destination.


Example: This is a link to google

But if you click on this link, you are not redirected to google, but to this page here itself (meaning this thread of the forum)


Is this a bug, or a (security-) feature? ;-)

ok, the google-link above works, but links within these threads do not:


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Update, with a partially happy outcome.

Invision basically brushed us off, and said, well, you should have noticed the problem right away, and used a backup to restore. Unfortunately, we didn't notice, and the backups had already been rotated by the time we did, so that's not an option.

However, @Matteo Beccati very kindly figured out how to fix all the posts where the links were full URLs, and this has been done - which is the happy part.

The unhappy part is that for any post with a link that isn't a full URL, we can't fix it, and it will stay broken unless anyone can figure out where it should have linked to, and then update the post.

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