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Blank page (500 error)at installation


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Hi all,

My installation never work and it always stopped at the 2nd step (after agreeing to the term of use).

It's a blank page for Chrome, and Server 500 error for IE.

Checked error.log and got the following message :

[26-Aug-2015 06:38:51 UTC] PHP Fatal error: OX_Admin_UI_Install_InstallController::initInstallStatus(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition "OX_Admin_UI_Install_InstallStatus" of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded _before_ unserialize() gets called or provide a __autoload() function to load the class definition in /home/garnish/public_html/adserver/lib/OX/Admin/UI/Install/InstallController.php on line 133

I've tried version 3.21 and 3.20 and it's the same thing


please help 




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