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Ad Blocking Avoidance - Ghostery, Ad-Blocker, etc.


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I've been reading more and more articles about the increasing use of ad blocking software, and wonder if there is a way to make such blocking software not work on the Revive Adserver platform? 

In my experiments I downloaded a very popular mobile app called "Ad-Blocker" which did not block ads that were served on my site (in my case my ads are served from the same base URL as the site...but not sure if that is why), but an equally popular app called "Ghostery" did block my ads. Within Ghostery the setting was "Block All Trackers" which shut down Revive Adserver ads. The exact element that shut the ads down can be seen in the "View All Trackers" option, and turning on the "OpenX" tracker did make the ads work.

My question is, is there any way to bypass the use of the OpenX tracker so that Ghostery can't block Revive Adserver ads? 

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I'm trying to understand Ghostery and Revive as well, but getting different  behavior.  While testing ads on my site I see that Ghostery is detecting an OpenX tracker.  One reason to self-host ads is to stop 3rd-party tracking.   I do not know why Ghostery is finding anything coming form an OpenX URL; it is unclear what is triggering this detection.  

However, despite this reaction from Ghostery my ads still render.  I need to dig into the Revive code but my suspicion is that some generated code might be attempting to load content from openx in addition to the ad coming form my own URL.  That ad content render OK; Ghostery is just blocking the tracker (as it should).

What's odd is the the tracker URL indicated by Ghostery is from my own site; I wonder if my use of "revive" in the URL is the matter.  But yet the ad itself renders.  

It might also be that the async code returned by that URL contains references to openx shockwave objects.  That's something else I need to understand since I do not want the use of Flash or Shockwave on my site.


Update: The URL caught by Ghostery ends up returning a 1x1 GIF file.  I assume this is what is used for Revive tracking.  Still do not know why Ghostery is picking up on this, but I;m suspecting something to do with the URL path.  I need to see about changing paths or file names.


Update 2: Revive allows you to change the names of files used for banner delivery.  I changed some (including the one that was getting picked up by Ghostery), and now that 1x1 GIF URL seems to bypass Ghostery.  The default file name is "lg.php". Changing this gets it past Ghostery (at least for me in some simple testing).

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