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Richard Foley

Getting users to use standard IAB banner sizes.

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I wonder if anybody has any tips for getting the userbase, the advertisers and the publishers using a Revive installation, to comply with IAB recommended banner sizes, (or any other), as per: http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/508767/displayguidelines

It's not that I don't appreciate the value of using a common size across multiple clients/affiliates, but I wonder if my users appreciate it to the same extent. Some can be remarkably obstinate about their "special" image/s, etc. Any helpful feedback for how to encourage the user base to use a sensible *common* format/size set is appreciated.



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Hi Richard,

Gosh, I do live in a sheltered world! That's interesting to hear about this problem.

Back when I was developing what's now Revive Adserver through working for an agency, the rules were as simple as - either meet the IAB size standards, or your ad's not going to be run. End of discussion.

But I guess if you're not a large company, you may not always have that choice.

Maybe consider a premium rate for "special" sizes?

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