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Revive Not Accessing User Interface Preferences in Database After Update


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While trying to upgrade to 3.2.1 from 3.1 my Admin, Default Account, and in fact, all users are unable to access the user interface preferences.  

On the Stats page all I see are the list of Advertisers or Websites and not the usual columns showing impressions, clicks and CTR.  

When I click the user interface preferences, all settings are blank.  None of the data columns are checked and the timezone is unselected. When I clicks the settings and try to save it, it behaves as though it's saving but simply restores the blank settings.

But when I examine the database itself via phpMyAdmin, all the preference settings remain intact.  In fact, all the user preference settings in the database are the same as the old database which does allow access to user preference settings and displays the data columns.

To see whether this is an issue with this particular database,  I changed the configuration file to direct to the old database and was able to see the stats fine.  

So the adserver appears unable to access the database tables pertaining just to the user interface preferences.  Campaign and banner settings can be accessed and changed without problems.

What could be preventing access to the user preference settings on this particular database?  Is it some kind of a file lock issue?

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