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Newbie Question - Serving Video Ads


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I am trying to figure out how to serve video ads. Right now all of the help docs referenced 404.


Can some explain to me how video ads work?  I installed a OpenX Overlay video / an in-line video ad plugin. (My plugins didn't install automagically.) So maybe there are features I am missing. I don't know because I can't find any docs.


Ideally, within one zone, I would like to serve videos via HTML5 and html banners.

The video will play for its duration, and if the user is still on the page, go to the next ad - html  or video, play that for a period of time and repeat.

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Revive Adserver (like its predecessor OpenX Source) comes bundled with a plugin that enables it to deliver video ads based on the VAST standard. This VAST standard has since been replaced by the VAST2 and recently even the VAST2 specs. VAST is short for Video Ad Serving Template, it's a set of specifications issued by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), an industry standards body.


The site mentioned by leroy_hack (who comes up with those odd names?) is a project started in 2009 by my partner Matteo Beccati and myself. We develop free and paid plugins, and one of them is called VidiX. It bumps up the VAST capabilities of OpenX Source and Revive Adserver to the VAST2 specifications. Please be aware that it is not a free plugin.

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Thanks you for your reply, is there somewhere I can learn more about how the video ads work? I would like to play a mix of video and html ads in one zone, but it doesn't appear that is possible. Am I wrong? I have been piecing together some documentation and everything seems to point to zones only being able to serve one type of ad.


In the end, I would like to have one zone that pulls different types of ads - html.video,image,text and inserts them into that zone.

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What you're looking for is not IAB VAST compliant video ads provided by the bundled plugin, as they are more like what you see on YouTube: commercials before/after actual content videos and overlays. That's also what our VidiX plugin is about.


What you're looking for is a regular banner that shows a video, which is something we can also provide by means of the In-Banner Video Ads plugin.


Otherwise, a quick (and free) solution would be to put your HTML5 video code in a regular HTML banner and serve it on the website like any other banner.

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Thanks, that is what I have started to do. I have put flowplayer embed code and it seems to be kinda working.

Hi leroy_hack,

                           i installed revive server,Till now i am using this server for image,text and html ads.I want to display video ads also into webpages. can u give me some idea that how to set up ads with flowplayers or any docs available?

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