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Take A % Between Advertisers And Publishers


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Revive Adserver is really awesome. i found everything I wanted for my small company except one thing :

How can I define a rate (%) the company (me) will take between the advertiser and the publisher. 


For example :

The advertiser will pay 20$ for 100 clicks.

I want the publisher gains 15$ (and not 20$ because I'm taking 5$).


Is there a way to do that ?


Thank you.

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Hi @deuxsecs,

Not at the moment, no. Out of the box Revive Adserver doesn't have any support for managing payments from advertisers to publishers. It's been written as something that's really aimed at someone with a website or two wanting to put advertising on their site. 

If you need something like this, you would need to look for a commercial plugin, or code that functionality yourself.

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