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Styling Hypertext (Link) Ads


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Got a bit of a problem I can't figure out.


What I'm doing is this:


I want to show a different text affiliate offer link button to visitors by country (my afiliate uses two different links for different countries).

On my page, I initally created my HTML link and styled it into a button using a style class CSS added to my websites style sheet. I Tested the button and it shows fine. All styled how I want it etc.


So then I've created a single zone in my adserver just for the job of serving this geo button. Then I created an advert (HTML Banner) and pasted in my button code.

Then I pasted the zone invocation code on my page in place of the button but when the button is served by adserver, it only serves the text link not the styling associated with it.


This is the link code I'm serving from adserver:


<a href="#" class="btn btn-lg btn-default">GET YOUR OFFER HERE</a>


but the styling is being ignored / overwritten or something.

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I believe this is happening because your ad is rendered within an iFrame, so styles specified at parent document level will not be applied to the ad.

The workaround is to apply styles on the A tag itself as inline styles.

The problem I now have though is that there is no way to specify a:hover style as an inline style. Is there any way we can specify CSS to be served with the ad? What other workaround could I use to have link hover styles applied to links within my ad?

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