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Workaround For Capped Ads Not Showing On First Page

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We have a great many one page visitors.

Our uncapped advertisers have no problem.

Our premium advertisers want frequency capping usually at one or two for a 24 hour period.

Since the first page does not allow for frequency capped ads to show, we have very few premium impressions.

Is there any way around this issue.



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If I had this problem, the way I would do it is this:


Set up two campaigns, one with the campaign capping on, and one with it turned off.


If the user is new to your website, insert the tag for the uncapped campaign; but from then on, show the tag for the capped campaign.


That way, you will display one impression from your premium ads to brand new users, and by then, Revive Adserver will have a cookie set (if the user allows it), and the capped banners will work.


It's means a little work from your website end, but it should work.

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