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No Statistics Anymore Strange Database Tables

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After inserting some banners i noticed the last banner do not give me statistics i guess after updating Revive, i noticed the statistics stopped after 9 juli 2015.


i also have notice some tables wher not in the database:








Those tables i inserted in the database and noticed in rv_data_bkt_m some statistics


then strange tables



rv_z_5b84e47292cda283 and so on....


what is wrong




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During an upgrade, when the upgrade wizard makes a change to one of the tables, it retains a backup of the original table. it saves that table with a name like rv_z_xxx which is what you've found. Nothing to worry about.


The rv_data_bkt_* tables are not new, this has existed since version 2.6 of Revive Adserver's predecessor called OpenX source (and other names). They are use to collect raw data (we refer to it as bucket data, hence bkt) during ad delivery. Also nothing to worry about.


Have you perhaps upgraded from a very old version (pre 2.6) straight to Revive Adserver?

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from the previous version i guess, (sorry to ask but may i write dutch?)
the point is that i notice today something was wrong, i serve at this moment arround 30 banners on my own website and today (arround 11:00 am i been gooing to each page until i see the banner and click on it) my statistics are not updated at this moment (23:00 pm)
in the table RV_Data_bkt_m are at this moment 53 rows

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I thinking about a fresh install, i have the statistics until 9 Juli. is there a way to made an Advertiser connect to an website - zone where i insert the statistics in on time in the database?




advertiser 1 have 2.000 impressions and 150 clicks

the website where he is connected to is website 2 and zone 3


can i insert somewhere in a table 2000 and 150?


please help me with that


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