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New Flash Banners Go To "undefined" Url


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Since some time I experience Flash banners do not redirect where they should.

All new Flash banners redirect to "undefined" url.

However all existing banners (created a while ago) still work and redirect to proper urls.


I've read, that it might be issue with previous versions of Revive Adserver.

So I've recently upgraded to 3.2.1, but - same result:


All new created Flash banners redirect to "undefined" url.


Does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

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Hi Erik,


Sure I've checked the requirements first, tried both suggested methods there.

I've also tried to upload different banners. With all of them - same result.


I even tried my own banners from 2 months ago - they still work in old campaigns.

But if I upload them now - they all go to "undefined".

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