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Add With 100% Probability Not Showing Up

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I created a Contract campaign with some limitations, and it's just not showing the add, even though the Zone shows 100% possibility. 




I'm in Mexico, and I'm using a Mac, and the ad is not showing. I've tried changing the cap to 10 views per session. If I remove the Deliver Limitations, the ad does show. I think it's the Operating System limitation that's killing it. If I remove the OS, but leave country, it works.


I have another add that is remnant in another zone, with different limitations, and that one is working fine.

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Hi @coopersita,

That's entirely possible - on GitHub, there are a few issues listed about the fact the software that does the detection of browsers, operating systems, etc. is very old now, so chances are it's not detecting the operating system correctly.

The core team is definitely considering a complete replacement of this library. Stay tuned!

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