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Banners Not Displaying After Attack And Upgrade

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I inherited a hacked server with OpenX 2.88. I closed down the adserver and began cleaning. removed all of the offending php files that were added on the server and also in the database. I ran an upgrade, which seemed to go smoothly, to Revive Adserver 3.21. After the upgrade, most of the banners seemed intect on the adserver and I found that I had to manuaaly add some of the banners back into the db. After the manual import I finally have all of the original banners in the db.

My Revive Adserver connects to several Drupal 7 websites via Zones; Drupal 7 nomenclature identifies each of the Zones as "blocks" within my sites. I have replicated the code previously being used (i.e., Javascript in some, iFrame in others) and copied an pasted the newer adserver provided code into those "blocks".

Usually, the "block" saves and displays the banner once, and only once. Then it is no longer visible. Even trying to re-replace the code does not cause anything to display ever again.

All Campaigns are running and they are Type Remnant and there is aggressive caching within the Drupal sites themselves. The Start date of a bulk of the Campaigns are from a date in 2011 and there is the End date is Don't expire.


What do I need to look at to further debug this problem?

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Is there a sample db with some zones/campaigns/sites already setup that I can compare the structure to? I will be running a registry rebuild on the Drupal sites to make sure that the input to the blocks is not corrupted, but I know of no such tool available to Revive Adserver. I have recreated all of the blocks with a content type of <iframe> only for all of the new blocks in the Drupal sites. Any other thoughts?

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