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Hi everybody,


I am new to Revive and just installed everything and setup my portal with Revive. I am looking in something like 100.000.0000 ads per month and want to make sure that I have all setup as good as possible. I would be happy if somebody can short give me some tips on what I should configure or use for best performance on my server.


Are there any options which I should NOT use, or plugins I should use? Any tip is welcome in this case to get the most out of it. Right now I use about 50% Adsense ads, and 30% other third party generic html ads from outside and only the rest image ads. I opted for upload into MySQL for the images.


I would like to use the Geo Target opotions but I fear this is going to pull a lot of performance?


Thanks in advance,


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We have a hosting platform that's capable of displaying billions of impressions per month. The architecture of the platform, albeit in a slightly simplified drawing, can be found here: http://www.reviveservers.com/revive-adserver-hosting/revive-adserver-hosting-platform-and-technology/


It's virtually impossible to describe in a few sentences what we've done to achieve this. I would not recommend storing banner images in the database, that doesn't scale very well. Also, we have a plugin (not free) that does the caching and logging using Redis (in memory) instead of in the database, and this is one of the key factors to achieve huge volumes at reasonable hardware costs.

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