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Banners Not Showing - Will Pay

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We've just installed v3.2.0 running on nginx 1.4.6, PHP 5.3.3 and MySQL 5.1.73-log


banners were uploaded, and we can get invocation tags.


But the banners themselves are not visible either inside the dashboard or when the tags are placed in a web page.


Our IT-staff is not familiar with this software and would happily pay anyone knowledgeable in Revive to fix this.

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Hello everyone:

We are using a ning 2.0 social network in our website. in the past with OpenX we where able to use it with no problems. This is because with OpenX we did not need to add any script to the head tag.

Now with Adserver it will not work if we not introduce the Head tag script. Unfortunately in ning 2.0 we cannot modified the Head tag.

Is there any way we can use Adserver without including the script in the Head tag?
Is there a way that we can place that script together with the banner script?

Please kindly advise,

Thank you

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Are you using website level invocation tag? Mostly no problem if you place the head script on body section also the banner will display. 

If you feel still problem exist then use revive latest version of "Asynchronous Javascript tag" . Place this tag only on body tag for every individual zones. This tag fetch banners in very speedy way. 

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