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Banners Not Always Displaying


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I've setup a test campaign and have things set so that multiple banners from the same campaign are allowed to be displayed on the same page. I have set up 5 zones for my site and have banners linked, etc.


But, only two of the ads are displaying on the page consistently. There should be 5 ads displaying, but only two display on every page load, two of the others have only loaded 1x, and the last one has loaded 3 times, and no more.


Upon inspecting the elements, I noticed this code is included in the div of the two banners that are displaying correctly, but not in the divs that are not displaying ads:

<div id="beacon_9090e78422" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; visibility: hidden;"><img src="http://hagglingsally.com/adserver/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=5&amp;campaignid=1&amp;zoneid=6&amp;OACCAP=99&amp;OASCCAP=99&amp;loc=http%3A%2F%2Fhagglingsally.com%2F&amp;cb=9090e78422" width="0" height="0" alt="" style="width: 0px; height: 0px;"></div>

I have my page setup with a div for each ad zone. Should I be loading the ads in some other manner?


Can someone help direct me to what I may have done wrong?



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Ok, Perhaps it was a caching issue? I walked away for a while, and came back and they're all showing up now. 


Is there a period of time I have to wait between when I setup zones and link banners, then generate the invocation code before they'll begin to show up consistently?


thanks, sorry for the noob questions, thanks for your patience.

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Thanks for the tip on the cache settings.


But, it's still not working as anticipated. I left the site for two days, working on other projects, then came back to the site, and no banners displayed at all. Upon refreshing the page, I get one banner zone to display an ad, then on the next load, a different zone will display an ad, then none, then two, then none, then none, then one, etc...??


Sorry for the noob questions here, but there must be some other simple thing I've missed somewhere....?


any ideas?

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Ok, I think it's working now, I had the campaign set to "Contract", and I changed that to "Remnant" and removed any limits per visitor, cleared my var/cache and now everything appears to be working.


So, where can I learn the difference between remnant and contract?


thanks guys!

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Contract campaign : This was working based on probability algorithm . For example if you set this campaign  for , 90 impression and in the time for 1 month . then this campaign daily get views  near to 30 impressions .  So this was deliver based on probability  because this need to deliver up to next 30 days. So only you have seen some times empty banners .


Remnant campaign : This don't have any limitation on probability. So if you set 900 impressions then this should be deliver all impression and this will not keep backup impression fro remaining days.



Contract Exclusive : This was more priority campaign . If zone have more than all the type of campaigns, then that zone first deliver all the impression from this campaign,once this campaign stopped or else completed the finished count then only campaign will be deliver in publisher page .



If you still need any clarification let  me know here.

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Hi Eliza0406,


Making another problem. Say today set probability 100% , weight 5 and priority 10. It has no expire date[Don't expire ]. After 1 day it goes to probability 5% automatically and banner don't display publisher page. I can't understand why make this type problem. would you clarify about this topis please. It will be great help.




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